Disaster Relief? We’ll Be There When You Need Us

Whether prepared or not, natural disasters strike with devastation. Hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and earthquakes can create their own unique circumstances and cause shortage of normal everyday needs. Immediate logistical support is critical in all of these instances as resources are stretched to the limits. WEL has assisted public and private entities in many of these instances. With our experience and equipment resources, we have kept vital chains of supplies flowing where they are needed, tankers of potable water to victims, fuel to keep emergency equipment and generators running, provided road clearing, debris removal, or whatever is needed of us during chaotic times.

Our services are modified based on the type and magnitude of the disaster, and adapted to meet the specific needs of the situation. They range from basic support services to the most complex of recovery operations. WEL can quickly and efficiently respond to emergency situations . . . it's what we do. We pride ourselves on being prepared to respond to whatever challenge is at hand. We have provided ground support to earthquake victims, tankers of clean potable water during floods, fuel and dispensing units, debris removal/demolition, and decontamination of public areas after hurricanes.

We have assisted public and private entities during almost all natural disasters since Hurricane Katrina in the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Coast.

truck cleaning up flood

flood near red building
flood on street

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