Your Emergency is Our Emergency

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At WEL, we take great pride in our emergency spill response operations. Beginning early in our history, emergency response became one of our main divisions of services. Dedicated staffing provides 24/7 emergency deployment to your site for chemical and petroleum releases. Multiple office and yard locations throughout Virginia and West Virginia allow us to respond quickly and efficiently, making WEL the only call you need to make during an emergency.

When a spill occurs, regardless of the size or nature, it is instant stress to the client. Human safety, property damage, financial concerns, and more are all foremost in their minds. They need a response company that can quickly mobilize, assess, and have the equipment and materials needed to mitigate the problem. At WEL, we not only provide these services, but we are there for our client. We understand our customer's concerns and work hard to bring quick closure to the situation at hand.

Examples of emergency spill response include:

  • Chemical and petroleum releases
  • Cargo container failures
  • Railway incidents and derailments
  • Bulk highway transport accidents
  • Tanker roll-overs
  • Vehicle accidents
  • Aircraft accidents
  • Pipeline emergencies
  • Marine incident response
  • Fixed facility incidents
  • Emergency material transfers

We assess the incident and determine the most efficient and cost-effective approach while also working closely with the governing authorities to ensure your project is conducted under regulatory guidelines. With decades of experience, our management staff has earned high respect from authorities in many jurisdictions and disciplines of most any situation. Coupled with the large array of in-house equipment, a trained and certified staff, and the desire to excel, this makes WEL the right choice in any situation.

tanker roll-over

It's not "if it happens," it's "when it happens." Call us now, and a WEL representative will be happy to discuss your needs and establish a response agreement tailored for your industry, at no cost, alleviating time-consuming delays "when it happens."

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