Industrial Services for Industry & Government Agencies

At some point in time, most all commercial businesses utilize contracted industrial services. By default, WEL has the experience and equipment necessary to quickly and safely keep your operation running. Many of our clients have been using WEL on a regular basis for various forms of plant process cleaning, chemical washouts, lagoon dredging, and storm water management maintenance, to name a few. These and similar services can be part of a routine maintenance program or ordered by a governing agency. Either way, make WEL your only call and talk to our experienced staff about your specific need.

Examples of industrial services provided:

  • Liquid and dry vacuuming/transport & disposal
  • Pressure washing with recovery
  • Pipe jetting service
  • Tank cleaning and vessel cleaning
  • Oil/water separator cleaning
  • Dredging
  • Track pan cleaning
  • Sump and containment cleaning
  • Storm detention chamber cleaning
  • Storm water management & erosion control
  • Utility manhole and vault cleaning
men in a dredged out pool area

a truck in a parking lot with special equipment
A truck dumping materials on a rock pile
man by special truck and by a dumpster
man sitting over a hose going down into a hole
A man in a platform lift by a building
A hose going into a man made pump
a stream bed

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