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During the early years, WEL was called upon to transfer various materials in unique situations. Whether during emergency spill responses, failed facility equipment, or simply assisting in normal plant operations, WEL has the right equipment for the job.

Vacuum trucks play a large role in both liquid and dry material transfers. Liquid vacuum trucks and tankers can move thousands of gallons in minutes, also providing over the road transport if needed. Dry material vacuum trucks (air movers) will efficiently move most solid materials ranging from dusts to soil and stone. Our vacuum trucks have been used for transferring products from damaged transport vessels, pipelines, railcars, and facility storage units.

WEL carries an inventory of chemical and flammable pneumatic pumps and hoses for safe transfer of hazardous liquids. Such applications include transfers from damaged bulk transport tankers and individual end user containers.

Our assortment of liquid pumps range from small contractor pumps for simple dewatering, up to mobile 6" and 8" towable pumps, suitable for stream diversion and large continuous operations.

We also own and operate pneumatic conveyance systems for granular materials for transfer from damaged storage systems or transport containers, along with various mobile augers and elevators.

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