Energy, Railway & Pipeline: Safety & Experience Matter

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Power, rail, and pipeline companies demand professional, capable, and safe practices from their service providers. At WEL, we have been doing just that and have been for years. Our trained and experienced staff, coupled with a well-established safety culture, has been the catalyst for trusted and successful relationships in these industries. Add a diverse fleet of specialized equipment and WEL is hard to beat.

Getting the job done is only one part of the work. Getting the job done safely is our main goal in all projects, regardless of who the client is. Aside from experience and task training, WEL personnel are also instructed in specific safety disciplines that are pertinent to each company we provide services to. Our safety culture has evolved over years to include these industry requirements. From energy, to railroads, to pipelines, and many other industries, WEL strives to maintain a high order of safety training and employee awareness.

These industries maintain facilities, yards, and right of ways across the nation, which on most sites can be inherently dangerous with unique safety hazards. As a multiple service provider, we not only have to be experts at what we do but also have to be familiar with strict safety practices before entering these sites. WEL employees undergo necessary background procedures and annual safety training as required by each company. WEL is also a proud subscriber to the ISNetworld® contractor management system for our clients' convenience.

Electrical power companies maintain numerous generation plants, sub-stations, and other associated facilities within their network. Whether resulting from an emergency situation or scheduled maintenance activities, WEL has been involved in numerous energy related projects during our history. Normal tasks, i.e., excavations, spill recovery, equipment operation, all typically take place in the vicinity of energized transmission lines and sub-stations. WEL has successfully provided complete site remediation of large and small transformer failures, site maintenance such as trough cleaning/removals, and waste handling under these conditions for various power companies.

Railroad companies consist of endless networks of tracks; large, busy terminals; and yards. WEL has been providing industrial services and successfully completing projects for multiple rail companies since our early years. High-rail equipment allow us to get vacuum trucks, side dumps, personnel, and more where they are needed. WEL has provided site remediation of hazardous material releases, cargo transfers, material handling, locomotive and car decontamination, and many more services, not to mention emergency responses to derailments, leaking products, and transfers. WEL is prepared to assist wherever and however we are needed.

A huge percentage of our fuels are transported throughout our country by way of pipelines. Most are not even aware of their presence and network of transfer stations, right of ways, and storage/holding facilities. Pipeline companies are constantly conducting asset inspections, maintenance, and product changes throughout their systems. WEL has been integral in these and other projects for major pipeline companies providing storage tank cleaning, frac tank decommissioning, product change/management, and other facility maintenance to both liquid and gas pipeline companies.

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