All Your Environmental Services Needs under One Roof

You could say all services WEL offers fall in the category of "environmental," and in most cases, you would be right. But there are many facets of what we do that are not covered under other headings.

Much of our client base consists of engineering companies, consulting companies, governing agencies, and manufacturing professionals. Engineering companies may require installation or maintenance of storm water management systems. Consultants' clients may need storage tanks installed or removed. With that, leaking tanks may have caused soil and/or groundwater impact, hence remediation is necessary.

At WEL, we can provide the resources to give our clients a "turn-key" operation and with years of accumulated experience, offer the most practical and cost effective approach to your project.

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dredge pond

Get the Right Company for the Job

The staff at WEL is well-versed in many situations that might arise during environmental audits, such as handling, characterization, packaging, transporting, and disposal of hazardous wastes. Abandoned and forgotten landfills are common discoveries on larger land parcels now slated for development. Old service stations with underground storage tanks that have been forgotten dot rural and populated areas as well. Sediment collection ponds that have filled over the years and no longer function can cause unnecessary erosion.

Partnering with the right company to help can and will make all the difference in the world when faced with these challenges.

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