All Your Needed Spill Materials & Specialty Equipment

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Spill Materials

As a primary service offered by WEL, emergency spill response can take on the description of many types of situations. The single most common denominator is it is YOUR emergency and you need help right away. You don't want to find the company you called was waiting for materials or equipment to be delivered from suppliers, rental companies, or subcontractors. You need it now.

At WEL, we maintain a large contingency of recovery and containment materials in stock and ready for deployment to your site. From small petroleum releases to large facility or transportation accidents, WEL can get the right materials for the right job to your site.

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Example list of spill materials:

  • Multiple size sorbent boom
  • 10" to 18" containment/harbor boom
  • Multiple sorbent media (various applications)
  • Chemical neutralizers
  • Bio-remediation products
  • Fire suppressants

If your facility requires a specific product for neutralization, treatment, or recovery, don't hesitate to contact us about pre-stocking for your exclusive use.

Specialty Equipment

With every incident comes unique conditions and requirements to perform activities in a safe and efficient manner. From personal protective equipment for our staff to heavy machinery with specialized uses, WEL has a wide array of equipment to get the job done. Boat trailers pre-equipped with boats, motors and containment boom, dedicated spill response vehicles and trailers, vacuum trucks/tankers, light plants, mobile pumps, and more are ready to mobilize at a moment's notice.

Example list of specialty equipment:

  • All levels of personal protective equipment
  • Air monitoring equipment
  • Confined space entry equipment (work and rescue)
  • Air movers
  • Pneumatic chemical transfer pumps
  • Containment boom
  • 4" & 6" mobile water pumps
  • Light towers
  • Compressors
  • Solids material transfer pumps and elevators/augers
  • Fully equipped response vehicles and trailers
  • Liquid and dry vacuum trucks
  • High-rail dump trucks
  • High-rail vacuum trucks
  • Waterway and lagoon dredges
  • Equipment attachments for specialized material handling
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