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wet vacuum truck on railroad

In the world of environmental contracting, one of the predominant task is collection or recovery. Collecting and disposing of different forms of waste, such as liquids, sludges, and wet or dry solids can be a major challenge, yet is part of almost all services we offer. Partnering with the right company will make all the difference in the world when you make WEL your only call. We operate the largest and most diverse fleet of wet and dry vacuum trucks, vacuum tankers, and associated equipment in our service area. We can remove a wide variety of materials of differing viscosities and densities from tanks; cargo vessels (water, rail, or aircraft); manufacturing facilities; lagoons; and piping. Our teams are knowledgeable and fully-trained in efficient wet-dry collection techniques and safety measures, ensuring all your requirements are fully met. Once extraction is completed, materials can be directly transported or transferred to appropriate containers for endpoint delivery.

We also complement our vacuum trucks with additional hose trailers, frac tanks, mobile pipe jetters of various sizes, and more. We have hi-rail capabilities on both wet and dry vacuum trucks for railroad applications as well. Stainless or carbon steel vacuum trucks are also available as per your application. In addition, our trucks are cleaned after each use and maintained in a "ready to go" condition for the next job.

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